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Meeting: National Offshore Safety Advisory Committee (NOSAC) August 2020 Video Teleconference
Date(s)August 21, 2020(10:00 - 14:30)
Venue:Video Teleconference
The meeting time listed above is in Eastern Daylight Time. For those in the Central Time Zone, the meeting will begin at 9:00 AM.

The National Offshore Safety Advisory Committee (NOSAC) will meet via video teleconference to discuss Committee matters relating to the safety of operations, Coast Guard initiatives, and other matters affecting the offshore oil and gas industry. NOSAC will use this information and consider public comments in discussing and formulating recommendations to the United States Coast Guard.

Agenda Highlights:
  • Presentation and discussion of progress from the Lifeboats and Rescue Craft Safety on the OCS Subcommittee
  • Presentation on Source Control Response Centers in an Incident Command
  • Shell Auger Investigation Discussion
  • Fast Rescue Craft Near Miss Lessons Learned
  • Public comment period
Meeting Information:
To join the teleconference contact one of the individuals listed below no later than 1 p.m. on August 21, 2020. The number of teleconference lines are limited and will be available on a first-come, first-served basis.
Point of Contact:Commander Stephen West, USCG Designated Federal Officer of NOSAC
Phone: (202) 372-1410 / Fax: (202) 372-8382 / Email: Stephen.E.West@uscg.mil

Patrick Clark
Phone: (202) 372-1358 / Fax: (202) 372-8382 / Email: patrick.w.clark@uscg.mil
Event Website:https://homeport.uscg.mil/missions/ports-and-waterways/safety-advisory-committees/nosac/meetings