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Frequently Asked Questions

I forgot my password how can I retrieve it?

Go back to the Login Page, and in the Sign In box, under the button you will see a link called  Forgot your password? Enter your email address in the box provided. You will recieve an email from the JCC Administator. If this does not work please contact JCC at (281) 578-3388.

How do I disable windows pop-up blocker to open PDF files?

From the toolbar click Tools Options.
Go to either Privacy or Web Features. Uncheck Block pop-ups or add our website to your list of allowed sites.

I received an error message that said Your session no longer exists (53000). What do I need to do to reestablish my session?

Select Sign Off located under your username, which is located on the left hand side menu or re-sign in using the login page.

Where can I find forms for OCS operations?

There is a suite of OCS operations forms available from the Agency Information page for the Department of Interior under the Related Resources column. You can also access the page directly from this link.

Where can I find Memoranda of Understanding or Agreement among OCS regulatory agencies?

There are several Memoranda of Understanding and Agreement among OCS regulatory agencies and various regulatory / industry entities available from the Federal Register page under the Related Resources column. You can access the page directly from this link.