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 Regulatory Compliance, Easy...and Smart!
The Regulatory Compliance Challenge!

Each year, hundreds of regulatory notices and agency policy changes are added to JCCRegs. Each has the potential to impact the compliance status of your organization.

What service can you depend on to monitor regulatory issues that arise quickly and affect your OCS operations? JCCRegs.com!

JCCRegs.com navigates the ocean of regulatory information by monitoring daily federal activity and providing subscribers with the latest information from multiple sources in one Easy…and Smart searchable database.

Regulatory Monitor Daily updates of proposed rules, final rules, and notices that could impact OCS operations.
Plans & Permits Guide Chronological roadmap for OCS Plans and Permits from lease qualification to production to decommissioning. Includes application and notification details, jurisdictional agencies, estimated approval times, and links to associated regulations, NTLs and agency forms.
Agency Information Important federal contact information for the GOM including BOEM/BSEE (formerly MMS) contacts by function.
Accident & Safety Reports BOEM/BSEE (formerly MMS), USCG and DOT alert and incident safety reports including links to published findings and determinations.
Agency Meeting Monitor Executive summaries of pertinent meetings attended by one of JCC’s regulatory experts.
To make your JCCRegs.com experience as Easy…and Smart as possible, the website service includes the following features:

  • Advanced and Custom Searches and Reports
  • Customized E-Mail Notification
  • Regulatory Events Calendar
  • Executive Summaries

Let us provide personal service

A JCC representative is available to provide a presentation of JCCRegs.com for you and your staff. Contact a JCC Representative at (281) 578-3388 or email us at ContactJCCRegs@JCCTeam.com.